Corporate culture

Enterprise Spirit

Belief Side by side Teamwork Sharing


To make a better and safer life


To provide safe and convenient electrical connection and protection for the interconnection of all things

Customer-centric strategy

Serving customers is the only reason for Towe to exist in the world; And customer demand is the driving force for Towe to develop.
Continuous management reform, high efficient process operation, ensuring end-to-end high-quality delivery, good quality, good service, priority to meet customer needs, bringing customers safety, energy saving, intelligence and convenience.


Customer first Hardworking Innovation Development

Customer first:Constantly meeting customer’s demand is our guideline. Providing high quality product and best price with craftman spirit.

Hardworking:Integrity, self-improvement, team spirit; Striving for user needs, striving for enterprise development, striving for realization of individual value.

Innovation:Continuous innovation is the only path to realize sustained development; Only innovation can lead the market, lead the industry, and create more social value.

Development:Strength from one way, Profit from one way. Towe collaborates with users, employees and shareholders to creat value and share value, aiming to become a leader company in the world.

Management Philosophy

Simplification Standardization Specialization Informatization

Work Concept

Quick response, immediate action, Do things right, do better every time

Service Concept

Smile、Integrity、Fast、Professional、 Customer satisfaction

Quality Policy

Standard management ; Quality first ; Customer-first ; Continuous improvement

Core competitiveness

1.Provide a systematic and professional solution

Covering system and equipment’s lightning protection, safe connection, intelligent control and all key field for terminal electrical equipment connection and protection such as PDU, Industrial coupled connector. We have plenty of product line to meet diversified demands.

2.Localization design accord with customer’s intention

Serving nearly 20 years, Towe knows Chinese user’s real demand, so we can supply accurate customized design, fast response and timely delivery.

3.Efficient, systematic O2O V2.0 professional service

Towe provides full-process services from pre-sales consulting, site survey, program design, installation and implementation, testing and maintenance, customer training to after-sales service. We have professional O2O 7*24 online service, five regional service centers, and numerous certification service agents, covering the whole China. All employees with professional knowledge, participate in service, cooperate without deviation, and guarantee unified, professional, rapid service results.

4.Leading the industry in technological innovation and integration capabilities

Sophisticated manufacturing, industry leading, accumulated to form a strong technical capability, good cooperation with many domestic and international first-class manufacturers and research institutions, closely tracking the international advanced technology, first in China to set up R & D base and corporate laboratories to ensure technological innovation and integration capabilities with mechanism.

5.Trustworthy professional technology and service experience

Experienced nearly 20 years of industrial dedication, 100 qualifications and corporate honors, more than 1,000 professional product R&D designs, 10 million+ high-reliability product manufacturing, and 100,000 + successful users’ professional service experience. The spirit to serve Olympic Games and system certificated by military constitute the industrial leading ability of Towe.

Strong technological innovation and integration capabilities,
leading the development of the industry

Technology accumulation

We adhere to the business philosophy of "technology-based, service-oriented", and have accumulated strong technical capabilities for 18 years.

Extensive cooperation

Keep good cooperation with many first-class manufacturers and research institutes at home and abroad, so that Towe can have a higher vision and track advanced technology in time.

Integration innovation

Closely track international advanced technology, take customer application as the foundation, and realize the integration and innovation of new technologies in China.

Innovation mechanism

In the first place, R & D base and enterprise laboratory were set up to guarantee technological innovation ability by mechanism.